JaeHwan KIM
JaeHwan KIM
Hello, I am studying for a master's degree in the Department of Software Convergence at KyungHee University.

About Me

I am interested in data science. In particular, I would like to do research on intelligent systems. I started coding late, so I’m still lacking in skills, but I’m studying with passion and responsibility. My goal is to develop a system that maximizes benefits for users and make my technology a service.


  • User eXperience Computing Lab (2023/09 ~) Visit

  • Kyunghee univ (2023/09 ~ )
    • Software Convergence (Master’s course)
    • What I Study Visit
  • Cognative Computing Lab (2022.04 ~ 2023.04) Visit
    • Development of Demand Transfer Recommendation Service Based on Electric Energy Usage Prediction Model.
    • Development of a sensor-based mental ward symptom exacerbation detection model.
  • Gachon univ (2017/03 ~ 2023/02)
    • Healthcare Managment (bachelor’s degree)
    • Computer Engineering (bachelor’s degree)


I am interested in machine learning and deep learning and applying it to Human Computer Interection. I developed adaptability through challenging experiences and grew up using failure as a lesson. Every time I gained experience, I was able to broaden my horizons and improve my skills.